The Power of One: More Knights of Columbus Equals More Good Works

More Knights will result in more charitable programs, more support for parishes, more help for the needy, the disabled, the hungry and the homeless, and more financial protection for Catholic families. This was the main theme of the Membership Seminar, the first general meeting of the 130th Supreme Convention in Anaheim, which was attended by some 200 delegates and Knights of Columbus leaders.

The Monday meeting was chaired by Supreme Director Daniel Baker, who is head of the Board of Director’s Membership Committee. Also speaking were Deputy Supreme Knight Dennis Savoie; Thomas Smith, Executive Vice President for Knights of Columbus Insurance; Gary Nolan, Vice President for Membership Growth and Ceremonials, and Father John Grace, O.S.A., Director of Chaplains Programs and Development.

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson delivered a heartfelt address at the end of the meeting which underlined the importance of membership growth.

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