Council Officers


St. Joan of Arc Council 3384
Fraternal Year 2018 – 2019

Grand Knight               John Vasilik

The Grand Knight is responsible for the overall welfare of the council. The Grand Knight must provide thoughtful and inspired leadership to the 14 other council officers, the Service Directors, chairmen and members of the council. More specifically, his duties include: presiding over council meetings, appointing membership and program directors, acts as an ex officio member on all committees, including membership of recruitment and retention committees while making sure all required reports are submitted on time. The Grand Knight represents the council at Chapter meetings and the annual state convention.

Chaplain                          Fr. William M Rodrigues

The Priest chosen to serve as Chaplain will primarily act as spiritual advisor to the brother knights and families of the council. He has no specific duties with regards to running the council. He is expected, however, to make a report at council meetings and give brief talk on any religious matters. The Chaplain should also serve as an advisor to the church activities director.

Deputy Grand Knight       Skip Koch

The Deputy Grand Knight is second in command in the council.  He assists the Grand Knight in the operation of the council affairs and is responsible for any duties assigned to him by the Grand Knight. He is also the council’s program director advising the various service program directors.

Chancellor                          Steve Tenczar

The Chancellor assists the grand knight and deputy grand knight in the execution of their duties and takes charge of the council in the absence of the grand knight and deputy grand knight. He chairs the membership activities of the council to attract new members, getting them through the three degrees and making new members feel welcome in our council.

Recorder                              Doug Byrd

The Recorder functions the same way that a court recorder does and maintains records of council meetings. He also maintains all council correspondence.

Financial Secretary          Robert M. Donahoe, PGK

The Financial Secretary’s duties revolve around two areas: financial records and membership records. He receives all moneys that come into the council from any source. He then turns that money over to the council treasurer for deposit in the council account. One of the main functions of this office is to collect money in the form of dues. He is the one who send outs dues notices. He must also insure that new members sign constitutional roll of membership at the first degree.

Treasurer                         Ralph Ryall

The Treasurer is the elected officer in charge of handling all council funds. He receives the money from the financial secretary. He must keep accurate financial records. The Treasurer makes payments approved by the trustees.

Lecturer                           [Vacant]

The Lecturer is responsible for providing suitable educational programs and entertainment programs to the Council members.

Advocate                         Michael Marnik, PGK

The Advocate is the legal representative of the council and serves as the council’s attorney in case of trial and investigation of any matter of interest to the council. He should be thoroughly familiar with all of the laws of the Order as stated in the “Charter, Constitution and Laws” and with council by-laws as well as a working knowledge of the “Roberts Rules of Order”.

Warden                            Carlo A. Boccia

The Warden is responsible for supervising and maintaining most council property except that which belongs to the financial secretary. He sets up council chambers for meetings and degrees and supervises guards for ceremonial exemplifications. The Warden should also oversee the inside and outside guards and make sure they are fulfilling the duties assigned to them.

Inside Guard                   Frank J. Braza, MD

The Inside Guard attends the inner door of the council chamber, checking on paid up membership cards before allowing entrance. The Inside Guard is charged with the security of the Council Chamber and assists the Warden in meeting the duties of his Office.

Outside Guard                Frank Cross

The Outside Guard tends the outer door of the council home, admitting all visitors to the inner door. Working with the Inside Guard, the Outside Guard is also charged with the security of the Council Chamber and also assists the Warden in meeting the duties of his Office.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of the Grand Knight and three members elected by the council and who traditionally are Past Grand Knights (PGKs). Trustees supervise all financial business of the council. They serve as auditors of the books. They also serve on the council’s Retention Committee.

Trustee 3rd Year              Ron Mador

The 3rd Year Trustee oversees the financial transactions of the Council, reviews all bills and financial reports and audits the Council’s financial records semi-annually.

Trustee 2nd Year               Lee Miller

The 2nd Year Trustee also oversees the financial transactions of the Council, reviews all bills and financial reports and audits the Council’s financial records semi-annually.

Trustee 1st Year                 Bob Jacovino

The 1st Year Trustee assists the 2nd & 3rd Year Trustees with their duties.

District Deputy                   Dennis Boyko, DD

The District Deputy is the representative of the Supreme Knight and the State Deputy, and is responsible for the supervision, growth and expansion, and general care and well-being of the councils assigned to his district. His responsibilities include ensuring that his councils follow the Order’s laws and rules, promoting effective membership recruitment and retention programs, identifying and developing new council locations, assisting councils to conduct relevant service programs, and monitoring the general financial and social health of the councils in his district. The District Deputy reports directly to the State Deputy for all activities within the district and fulfills the very important communication link between the State and Supreme Councils and local councils.


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  1. Frank McLoughlin said:

    Whoever did this did a nice job. My complements. It saved me a lot of looking and writing for the discription of the jobs which I will use at my council meeting Tuesday night. Warmest Regards FDD Frank Faithful Navigator of Assembly 0402

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