Insurance Program

Knights of Columbus Insurance Program
“Protecting Families for Generations”

Father Michael J. McGivney understood that the first duty of a Catholic husband and father is to his family — to care for their needs while alive and, to the best of his ability, to provide for their care in the event of his death. He also knew well the tragic needs of Catholic families of the deceased men in his community. Central to Father McGivney’s founding vision for the Knights of Columbus was providing for the financial security of Catholic families, particularly the widows and orphans of deceased members.

The first purpose listed in the Order’s 1882 charter is “rendering pecuniary aid to its members, their families, and beneficiaries of members and their families.” The establishment of a financially sound insurance program for members of the Order was a primary goal.

Today, lack of adequate financial resources is still a great threat to family life. Now, more than ever, the Knights of Columbus continues to address the temporal needs of Catholic families, especially through one of the most highly-rated insurance programs in the world. The Knights of Columbus has hundreds of insurance agents, serving the needs of families in local councils.

There is no more highly rated insurer in America

Offering life insurance to members and their families has been a part of the Order’s program since its founding in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney in New Haven, Conn. The Order has in place policies and procedures that demonstrate a commitment to honesty, fairness and integrity in all customer relationships.

For more information about Knights of Columbus insurance and annuities, contact:

Tom Jurkowski
So. Orleans, MA

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